IFM Automotive Service & Repair
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IFM Automotive Service & Repair
IFM Automotive Service & Repair
IFM Automotive Service & Repair
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Real-Time Tracking

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IFM Automotive Service & Repair

Commercial Fleet

Safety & Security

Safety Matters Know where your vehicles and equipment are at all times. Monitor speed. Coach driving skills and behavior.


Environmental Reduced environmental impact. Limit Emissions by identifying excessive idling and by optimizing your vehicle routing.

Control & Reduce Costs

Cost Cutting Save on operating costs. Reduce fuel consumption. Reduce overtime. Optimize your employee's capabilities. Maximize production by your existing staff. Eliminate unnecessary trips & unauthorized use of company vehicles and equipment.

Maintenance and Service Hours

Vehicle Mileage Optimize your maintenance schedules to reduce costs, maximize reliability and extend the life of your vehicles and equipment. With proper maintenance, it is not unusual to achieve 400,000 kms or more on your existing fleet.

Improve Customer Service

Customer Service Know where your personnel are at all times to improve service scheduling. Ensure that actual work hours match the hours billed to your customer. Reduce or eliminate billing disputes.

Theft Deterrent and Recovery

Stop Theft Protect company assets. See where your equipment is at any time and identify when it is not where it should be. Know it's location to aid the police in recovering your property.

Home & Family

Theft Deterrent and Recovery

Car Theft Track your ATV, S x S, Motorcycle, Boat, Trailer or other prized possession and receive notifications if it moves and it's current location to aid the police in recovery of your property.

Monitor Family Members While Driving

Teen driving car Worried about your son or daughter's safety when borrowing the family car. See their route and current location. Check speed or even set up an electronic fence.

Personal Safety

Personal Safety Work alone and/or in different locations? Get off work late at night or other times when you might be at risk? We have a Micro GPS Alert that features a panic button and 2 way voice communication so that your office or family know where you are at all times and can get help to you quickly.

How it Works
How it Works
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